Who Am I? + Why Am I Here?


    “From Aristotle, to Jesus, to Einstein to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. one thing all the greats have taught us, is that finding your purpose is the key to living a life of clarity and fulfillment.” – Unknown


Purpose-Centered People

Are healthier, more active, carry less stress and live longer.

Are up to 38% more productive than their workforce peers.

  Have higher levels of emotional health and life satisfaction.

-University College London, Princeton University,
             Stonybrook University, the Workforce Research Foundation


   Purpose Live Institute Will

  • Reveal your purpose in a community of trusted friends and advocates.
  • Release you from hindering constraints and identify your unique gifts.
  • Equip you with a plan to transform you, your future and your world.


Together We Pursue:

  • What you love - Passion
  • What the world needs - Mission
  • What you get paid to do - Vocation
  • What you are good at - Profession
  • What God loves - You and Your World


Purpose Live Institute is a tuition-based, ten session course meeting monthly. 

It combines personal study, small group interaction, triads, two assessments, individual mentoring and exposure to thought leaders and influencers. In our 80-hour journey together, we will create the action plan to fulfill your purpose, and the Institute will culminate with your certification at a capstone event presentation.


  • 1 person - $1,800;  2 to 4 people - $1,650; and 5 or more people - $1,500
  • Tuition can be made monthly, quarterly or in a single lump-sum advance payment at an  additional 10% discount.


  • Scholarships are available, with those details announced in the coming days.

Join our Sponsor Team

  • Purchase books and materials for one to five students ($175 - $875).
  • Underwrite one-half to the full tuition cost for one student ($900 - $1,800).
  • Underwrite the full tuition cost for two to five students ($3,600-$9,000).
  • If you would like information on becoming a Founding Sponsor Member contact Harvey Hook at



“Purpose is where who you are and what you do, 

meet both God and humanity.” 

-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



“I give you life; full, abundant and overflowing

 with purpose." – Jesus 

Purpose Live Institute

Purpose Live Institute is tuition-based and will launch September 2020. Registration opens June 1, 2020. For more information, drop us a line.

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